By Achebe Myles

October 20, 2018

When I use the term "Mortgage Assault Survivor" to describe myself, I truly mean no disrespect to survivors of other forms of abuse.  And, in all honesty, there is nothing funny about it.  The only reason for my joking or humorous tone is that I habitually use levity as a way of coping with levels of stress and anxiety that might crush some folks.

Nonetheless, the psychiatrists are deadly serious when they talk about the emotional trauma of enforced homelessness (foreclosure & eviction) and the toll it takes on citizens who struggle through it----especially our most vulnerable, such as kids.  Here is what one writer, Dr. Ronald Ricker, MD and psychoanalyst, had to say back in 2011 in a Huffington Post article: "A foreclosure is more than just a financial loss.  Our homes have deep emotional meanings. They are a source of pride for many of us....."

Dr. Ricker's right!  If you are/were a homeowner, you intuitively know he is right.  Dr. Ricker is also correct when he says that "....losing one's home is a very bad life experience, thought by many as equal to divorce and death in their impact on people."  So, I am not, by any means, trying to be a smart-aleck when I talk about being "MAS" or a "Mortgage Assault Survivor." It's my defiant way of saying that I won't let things like anxiety, stress or depression crush me, as with other less fortunate souls.

This clickable article right >>here<< tells a story that's as bad as it gets when dealing with the most debilitating aspects of being a MAS.  But let's not dwell on Mr. Wirth's profoundly negative "resolution" of his crisis.  Those weren't very good problem-solving skills he displayed.  As an eternal optimist, I prefer to talk about how to fight back effectively in a legal, nonviolent fashion when you know that, aside from your own financial mistakes, you've been wronged by fraudulent, greedy or dishonest lenders.  I prefer to call it "Dr. King-style Resistance," because he's one of my favorite political heroes. He also helped rock American society to its core, which may be something that we need once again.

Ten-X CEO Tim R. Morse

Unfortunately, the human race always has ethically challenged folks who'll do anything to make a cool million in cold, hard, cash.  This gentleman will pretty much do anything Wells Fargo asks him to.  A mile-long criminal record of mortgage fraud, consumer abuse, conspiracy to defraud the United States, $$Billions in fines, etc., etc., ad nauseum...doesn't trouble him in the least.  He relentlessly markets REO or "bank-owned," foreclosed residential properties online via questionable "auctions."  He's fired up about it just as long as someone at Wells Fargo tells him "Yeah, dude.  It's ours!"  The Wells Fargo rep on the other end of the phone line might have done 5 years in prison for stock fraud, and maybe another 3 or 4 years for dealing meth, but Tim Morse really couldn't care less.  The most important consideration is "How much money we talkin' about here?"

So, why do they do it???  What makes guys like Tim lose their moral compass?  Probably the eternal allure of wealth, status and prestige---including a nice, fat home worth just under $1.2 million.

Mr. Morse's attractive, 4-BR, 3-BA home is known as 1714 Colina Terrestre in San Clemente, CA 92673. The annual tax bill is $12,737.84.  Total Assessed Value is $1,162,800.  Sweet!  Zillow describes it as a "two story home with ocean view on a cul-de-sac in a gated community. Close to shopping, and beaches."

Of course, this is just part of the prize package that The Man awards his valiant Wall Street warriors for helping to throw little, old, widowed Latina grandmas under the bus---and out of their homes for falling behind on their mortgage after they get too sick for too long.  Tucked out of sight in the garage is probably a nice 2017 Range Rover (starting at $85,650 ) and maybe a spiffy Tesla Model S, or something equally posh.

Now, I sent this guy a letter specifically asking him to pull any mention of my home from his website because I'm in a legal dispute with Wells Fargo and have a pending lawsuit in the works. He politely ignored me---offering neither a phone call nor an email---and erased my home from his website for maybe 2 hours....before putting it right back up there with some evasive, weasel-sounding fine print warning the auction bidders that "This property is reported to be occupied and buyer is responsible for obtaining possession."

Wow!  What a world we live in....right?  LOL!  INCREDIBLE!!  Isn't it nice to know that if you're a gullible, older, less-sophisticated "online investor," that a stand-up guy like Tim Morse has your best interests at heart with an online auction offering that TOTALLY OMITS the most dangerous aspect of your potential investment.

Unfortunately, Tim Morse is only the beginning.  There's more to this "back story" about the cast of opportunistic trolls, hustlers, con-artists and troublemakers who eagerly assist Wells Fargo and other criminal enterprises as they rampage across the United States, foreclosing, evicting and defrauding regular, working citizens all year round.

I'll say a bit more later this afternoon after I grab some lunch.  Thanks for reading.

October 21, 2018

Well, sorry about that.  The stress and chaos of life disrupted plans, and "later this afternoon " morphed into "tomorrow."

Anyway, I wanted to observe that the web of complicity with abusive Big Banks like Wells Fargo, extends far beyond CEOs like Mr. Morse.  It encompasses various little guys (and gals) each of whom plays a different role in helping The Machine churn its way through our communities.

In my own situation, there is a gentleman on the scene named Vibhav Kapila, who is a California-licensed RE Broker.  He's taken it upon himself to represent Mr. Morse's company,, as a Seller agent.  I decided to send him a text today warning him that he's in violation of RCW 19.86.020, the Consumer Protection Act of the state of Washington, if he withholds from his online bidders, the key information that I have a lawsuit against the seller and that more litigation may be pending.  I have no idea what he thinks of that; he failed to respond.  Let's hope he takes both ethics and consumer rights seriously.

We shall see.

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